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Job Code Class Title Salary Grade
2443 Painter I T03
2444 Painter II T04
2445 Painter III 20
3195 Park Development Division Chief 36
3190 Park Development Program Manager 34
3421 Park Maintenance Manager J
3230 Park Management Technician F
3231 Park Manager I G
3232 Park Manager II H
3233 Park Manager III I
2315 Park Naturalist 16
44101 Park Naturalist I G-H
2930 Park Police Cadet B
0723 Park Police Captain P07
0728 Park Police Commander P09
2913 Park Police Communications Supervisor H
2910 Park Police Communications Technician C04
1021 Park Police Crime Analyst 22
0721 Park Police Lieutenant P06
0709 Park Police Officer Candidate PC
0713 Park Police Officer II P02
0715 Park Police Officer III P03
0717 Park Police Officer IV P04
2920 Park Police Property/Evidence Specialist G
0719 Park Police Sergeant P05
2940 Park Police Stable Manager F
3530 Park Property Manager I
2303 Park Ranger I 18
2304 Park Ranger II 22
2305 Park Ranger III 28
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