Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation


January 16 - March 11, 2017
Front Window Featured Artist: Matt Paskiet

Front Window Featured Artist: Matt PaskietMatt's Spiderweb series is all about line and movement. The constricting web of a spider is made up of intricate lines that perfectly trap its prey. Matt designed this series based off of that complex design. The Interlocking of lines in his pieces trap the viewer in constant movement. Color also plays a major role, as each piece uses various colors trapped in clear glass.

January 16 – March 11, 2017
Drawn Out, Drawn Over: Mapping the Territory of Experience

Drawn Out, Drawn Over: Mapping the Territory of ExperienceDrawn Out, Drawn Over: Mapping the Territory of Experience aims to field a visual conversation about drawing approaches by featuring 18 selected artists living throughout the United States, most of who have had devoted careers as academics. Their institutions range from small liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and some of the largest research institutions in the country.

Participating artists include:

Lisa Austin, Pati Beachley, Carol Brode, Carmon Colangelo, Alan Crockett, Kathy Dlugos, Casey Doyle, Helen Frederick, Carole Garmon, Janis Goodman, Rebecca Kamen, Walter Kravitz, Michael Pestel, Matt Pinney, Bev Ress, Buzz Spector, Sergio Soave, Sunny Belliston Taylor

March 27 - May 27, 2017

Re-LocationsRe-Locations explores the way that representation influences our understanding of place. Artists Morgan Craig, Joey Manlapaz, and Trevor Young each approach each address our relationship with the spaces around us through representational painting. Yet, each of their approaches creates a very different understanding of what their subject mean to us as a places – Craig with lush, saturated colors evocative of decay, Manlapaz with a precision that can be at once familiar and distant, and Young with an uncanny use of light to create emotional charge. Together, their grouping of work in Re-Locations focuses a spotlight on the power of artists to interpret and imbue our lived environment with meaning.

June 12, 2017 - August 12, 2017
Material – Object – Form

Material – Object – FormFeaturing: Leda Black, Melissa Burley, Eric Celarier, Katie Dell Kaufman, Annie Farrar, Zofie Lang, and Fabiola Yuricisin.

Attaching meaning to the things around us among the most fundamental aspects of what it means to be human. We value many things not for what they are, but for where they came from, who gave them to us, or what they help us remember. Other things take on spiritual meaning, or link us to histories and traditions. Material – Object – Form explores the ways that artists use these relationships to develop the content of their artwork.

August 28 - October 21, 2017

MethodsAlternative Methodologies explores formal, material, and conceptual approaches to investigating identity as personal narrative and shared experience. Featuring a selection of artists New York, Texas, the DMV, this challenges the boundaries of traditional media and found objects to revisit and reexamine historical memory.

Featuring: Rodrigo Carazas, Robert Hodge, Wayson Jones, and Sam Vernon