Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation


September 5 - October 21, 2017
Front Window Featured Artist: Liz Lescault

Front Window Featured Artist: Liz LescaultLiz Lescault is a local, seasoned ceramic artist with over forty years of experience. She brings to us a series of elegant biomorphic sculptures and vessel forms, which showcase her mastered ability in designing, firing, and glazing different kinds of clay. Inspired by shapes usually found by the sea shore, her creations are able to transport to an earthly paradise, with patterns full of rhythm, and a glaze treatment that mesmerizes the eye.

Liz specializes in high-fire functional pottery, pit-fired and “terra sigillata” vessels. She has lived in Botswana and Lesotho, where she studied the techniques of traditional African ceramics. Liz's current studio is located in the Otis Street Art Project, Studio and Art Incubator in Mt. Rainier, MD.

September 5 - October 21, 2017

MethodsMethods explores formal, material, and conceptual approaches to investigating identity as personal narrative and shared experience. Featuring artists from across the DMV, Methods challenges the boundaries of traditional media and found materials to reexamine how we see form and understand meaning in art.

Featuring: Roxana Alger Geffen, Rodrigo Carazas, Chanel Compton, and Wayson R. Jones.

November 6 – December 30, 2017
Splash: Attitude and Process

Splash: Attitude and ProcessThe 2017 Prince George’s County Juried Exhibition

Attitudes are catalysts for new processes, and re-envisioned ways of making. To use any material, or even to make work that is ethereal, arises from widely varied practices, but always embodies the artist’s attitude about creating. Furthermore, to act with style and intention in creating articulates and shares the position of the artist. Pushing the boundaries of art informs not only making art but also seeing it.

January 16 - March 17, 2018
A Curator Collects. Highlights from the collection of H. Elaine Jackson

A Curator Collects. Highlights from the collection of H. Elaine JacksonLocal collector and independent curator H. Elaine Jackson has, over a period of nearly four decades, acquired and exhibited work by prominent mid-20th century artists-of-color drawn from the continental U.S., as well as practitioners from the Caribbean basin and Africa, with a deliberate focus on the graphic mediums.

The exhibition at the Brentwood Arts Exchange in February 2018 will feature selected works representative of four decades of collecting. The corpus of the exhibit focuses on four prominent mid-20th century NYC based practitioners -- Romare Bearden, Herbert Gentry, Vincent Smith, and Norma Morgan but also brings together a cross-section of work spanning several generations of female artists offering a referential point-of-view touching on the multiple roles imposed on and displayed by women -- mother, goddess, object, muse.