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Saturday, January 17, 1 pm
Sally Resnik Rockriver glassblowing demo at DC Glassworks

Sally Resnik Rockriver glassblowing demo at DC GlassworksSally Resnik Rockriver will demonstrate her geochemical glassblowing of
Otherworldly Specimens. Educated in Fine Art, Ceramics, and Glass, Rockriver's unique blowing and casting techniques are self-taught. She is known for generating chemical reactions that make crystalline growths from other planets. She will blow work encrusted with ceramic glazes and cast her fume blown world onto the piece during the breakoff period. Rockriver will also demonstrate geo-cores, clear columns infused with geological growths. She will address her intergrated use of the gloryhole floor and refractory materials. Rockriver approaches glass from a conceptual view with an emphasis in material realism. She will discuss how she discovered her own solutions to technical and creative problems, while encouraging students to find their own path.
This event will be held at DC Glassworks

Saturday, January 17, 5 pm
Unmapped opening reception

Unmapped opening receptionPeople often speak of taking a “journey” through art. It’s been said enough that in our fast-paced information environment where it’s more normal to scan and move on than to consider things deeply, it’s easy to forget what that really means. Artists Pat Goslee, Ellyn Weiss, and Sally Resnik Rockriver each use art as a method of discovery, responding to forms and materials then building on them to find what’s there. Whether it’s finding the balance in giving up control to a chemical reaction, investigating material properties, or the conscious act of constructing energetic movement through paint, all three artists make provocative statements about the ways that meaning is created through the interaction of process with form. Together, their exhibition invites us to open up to things we don’t know, things that aren’t written out first then repeated as art, where our paradigms don’t fit, areas Unmapped.
Opening reception from 5-8pm

Saturday, January 31, 1 pm
Unmapped Artist Talk

Unmapped Artist TalkEllyn Weiss and Pat Goslee will speak about their work featured in the exhibition, "Unmapped."

Saturday, February 7, 10 am
All-screened Videofest

All-screened Videofest Videofest is an open-call feature of short film and video work by regional producers. Presented to the public in a social and appreciative atmosphere, the one-day festival is a showcase of known and unknown talent alike. All entries received will be shown, and a panel of judges will select one work to receive the title of “Best in Festival” and a $300 cash prize. Click here to download the full call for entry details. Deadline to apply is January 12, 2015.