Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation


Monday, March 24-Friday, May 16, 2014 GALLERY HOURS: Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:45pm
Thoughtless-Quilt Work by Patricia Autenrieth

Pat Autenrieth is a mixed media artist working in Hyattsville who uses photography digital printing, silkscreen, rubbings, rubber stamps, drawing, painting, collage, embroidery, applique, photo dye and quilting. Ms Autenrieth studied the art of sewing before it was considered a legitimate art medium. Thanks to the feminist movement and the rise of material culture studies, making quilts has gained respect.

Public reception for the artist: Saturday, March 29, 2014, 3-5pm

Monday, June 2-Friday, July 25, 2014 GALLERY HOURS: Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:45pm
Dreams Of Speed 3- Work by Tom Kenyon

The story of the famous Kenyon Motor Company continues thanks to Tom Kenyon. The Kenyon Motor Company raced on the Bonneville Salt Flats periodically from the late 1940s through the 1960s. Well, that is what Kenyon would like you to believe. Here are the 'race cars' with invented artifacts, pretend magazine articles, prints, collages and a 'historic film' as proof of the racing exploits of the Kenyon Motor Company. The artist is inspired by cars, car magazines, car culture and family history. He combines models, paintings, drawings, collages, linoleum block prints and a video to inform us about the imaginary racing exploits of the real Kenyon Motor Company.

Public reception for the artist: Saturday, June 7, 2014, 3-5pm