Prince George's County Department of Parks and Recreation


The Inner Lobby Gallery of the Playhouse serves as a wonderful venue for the exhibition of work by Prince George’s County resident artists. The gallery is open during regular business hours and during scheduled performances. For alternative arrangements please contact the Playhouse at 301-277-1711.

Thursday, March 9, 7 pm
Artist Reception: J’nell Jordan

Often focusing on festive environments, the work of Hyattsville based artist, J’Nell Jordan, captures her subjects amidst “feel good” moments. Etching, wiping and pressing against layers of oil and metallic acrylics, her paintings reveal the intricacies and patterns of metallic colors as they vibrantly interact with the light. Revel in the joyful vibe of J’Nell’s paintings, brewed in the spirit of music, posing, flirting which will bring a smile to your face.


Thursday, June 8, 7 pm
Artist Reception: Angelis Hunter, “The Writing on the Wall (Watch the Signs)”

"The Writing on the Wall" exhibition features words spray painted on walls, pictures and videos of seasonal changes, man-made signals to go, slow or stop, and staged photos with titles. These pictures represent the desires of hearts, signs of the time, difference, our beliefs and more or less. They signify public discourse sometimes unnoticed. It's a call to consider living in the moment of NOW thoughtfully.