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Title: 2003 Biennial Growth Policy Update   (September 2003)
The 2003 Biennial Growth Policy Update is a report on the implementation of the 2002 General Plan. In 2000, with the adoption of the Biennial Growth Policy Plan, Prince George's County created this innovative instrument that helps keep policies up-to-date and implementation efforts on track. This report is the first Biennial Growth Policy Update completed since the approval of the 2000 Biennial Growth Policy Plan and the 2002 General Plan. It contains a Highlights section that is divided into five   ... Read More
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Title: Approved Countywide Map Amendment for the Reserved Open Space (R-O-S) Zone in Prince George's County   (May 1998)
This document contains maps and supporting text identifying and explaining the Countywide Map Amendment (CMA) for the Reserved Open Space (R-O-S) Zone in Prince George's County. Prepared by Planning Department staff with input from some public agencies, the CMA reclassifies certain large tracts of properties owned by public agencies into the R-O-S Zone. . Information in this document is presented for Federal, State of Maryland, Prince George's County Government, Prince George's County Board of Education, Washington Suburban Sanitary   ... Read More
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Title: Bi-County Transitway - International Corridor Planning Study   (December 2003)
The Bi-County Transitway–International Corridor Planning Study is a preliminary evaluation of the social, physical and economic development potential provided by the Bi-County Transitway (formerly Purple Line) in the International Corridor. The International Corridor is an area approximately one-half mile deep along University Boulevard (MD 193) from West Park Drive to the border with Montgomery County and Takoma Park. The planning study provides a demographic profile of the Corridor and summarizes a number of earlier studies and projects undertaken for this area.   ... Read More
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Title: Citizen's Handbook: Planning, Zoning, and Development Review in Prince George's County   (December 2014)
This publication is designed as a reference handbook for citizens to describe planning, zoning, and development review activities in Prince GeorgeÂ’s County, Maryland. Much of the information is drawn directly from the County's Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations. The handbook consists of six chapters. The first chapter introduces the governmental entities involved with planning and zoning decisions and how to become involved in planning and development review. Chapter 2, Planning, describes the planning process. Chapter 3, Zoning, provides an overview   ... Read More
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Title: Guide to Zoning Categories   (November 2010)
This document describes the guideline for Zoning categories.  
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Title: Guidelines for the Analysis of the Traffic Impact of Development Proposals   (September 2002)
This document is the technical standard for the evaluation of the adequacy of transportation facilities by the Prince George's County Planning Board. The Guidelines establish criteria by which staff and applicants with land development proposals can assess the traffic impact of the development proposals. They also indicate the manner in which the information will be presented to the Planning Board. A glossary of terms frequently used by transportation professionals in provided in Section 1 of   ... Read More
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Title: Minor Public Facility Amendments (Approved)   (June 2002)
This document contains text and maps in support of three proposed amendments to the 1990 Approved Largo-Lottsford Master Plan, the 1993 Approved Landover and Vicinity Master Plan, and the Master Plan of Transportation. The three proposed amendments were recommendations of the MD 202 Corridor Study, which was completed in 1997 with the cooperation of citizen groups and developer representatives. The amendments specifically under consideration would include the following: (a) the conversion of the I-95/I-495/Arena Drive interchange to full-time operation; (b) the   ... Read More
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Title: Potomac Heritage Trail Map  
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Since 1975 the idea of a trail parallel to the Potomac River has been incorporated into various county trail plans and master plans. These local trail segments contribute to the idea of a continuous route between the Chesapeake Bay 'and the Allegheny Highlands. Responding to such interest, a corridor for a Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail was designated by Congress in 1983 as an amendment to the National Trails System   ... Read More
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Title: Senior Living Market Study Prince George's County   (September 2006)
The Information Center of the Prince George's County Planning Department of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission engaged the ProMatura Group, LLCto conduct an analysis of the senior housing market in Prince George's County.  
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Title: Town of Brentwood Primary Amendment to the Boundary of Mixed-Use Town Center Zone Development Plans & Design Guidelines   (November 2000)
The Development Plan, design process and guidelines containted herein establish a framework for property owners, tenants, the local municipality, County officials and staff to review proposed new development or redevelopment within the proposed Mixed Use Town Center boundary. The Development Plan accompanies the Mixed-Use Town Center zone, which was recommended to replace the existing zones within the designated boundary as part of the master planning process. The Planning Area 68 Master Plan and Sectional Map   ... Read More
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