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Title: A Study of Occupational Shifts and Workforce Characteristics   (December 2011)
The objective of this study, commissioned by the Prince George's County Planning Department of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), is to provide policy/decision makers with a better understanding of occupational changes and workforce development needs and to develop a strategy to meet these needs and promote regional growth and business development. To carry out the analysis, M-NCPPC retained the services of the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, working together with the University of   ... Read More
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Title: Emerging Trends: The Many Faces of Prince George's County   (September 2004)
This is the first of a series of studies evaluating impacts and identifying implications of emerging trends in Prince George's County. This particular study provides a portrayal of changes in the county's general demographic makeup over time based on information from the decennial censuses. The Planning Department undertakes such studies to provide elected and appointed officials, and the business and residential communities, with useful demographic and socioeconomic information on forces that impact the general makeup and character of the county.  
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Title: Greater Upper Marlboro Revitalization and Redevelopment Strategy   (May 2012)
The Greater Upper Marlboro Revitalization and Redevelopment Strategy comprises text, maps, illustrations, and photographs. Developed with public participation by community business and property owners, this document presents background information and recommends goals, strategies, and actions pertaining to land use, environment, recreation, and public facilities.  
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Title: Historic Fairmount Heights   (December 2013)
The brochure is dedicated to the memory of Margaret L. Brooks (1920-2009). Mrs. Brooks was a longtime resident of Fairmount Heights and a founder of the Friends for the Historic Preservation of Fairmount Heights. This brochure was developed in cooperation with the Friends and with the assistance of Nancy Dixon Saxon, founder of Community Preservation and Revitalization, Inc.  
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Title: Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington Joint Land Use Study   (December 2009)
Strategically located near Washington, D.C., Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington has supported military air operations since World War II. The air base was originally located on a natural plateau surrounded by rural land populated with small farms. After World War II, rapid suburbanization of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area brought new development to the vicinity of the base, with numerous residential neighborhoods, commercial properties, and public facilities springing into existence during the 1950s and 1960s. Development persisted around the base in   ... Read More
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Title: Medical Mall Planning Study Feasibility of Four Different Medical Malls In Prince George's County   (December 2007)
The prospects for establishing one or more medical malls in Prince George's County have been discussed for several years. Several County Council persons, particularly Councilperson Tony Knotts, took the leadership in establishing a study of the feasibility of one or more medical malls in the County. This document reports the results of that study.  
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Title: Postbellum Archeological Resources in Prince George's County, Maryland A Historic Context and Research Guide   (March 2010)
Prince George's County adopted subdivision regulations in 2005 that were intended to ensure that archeological sites deemed significant to understanding the history of human settlement in the county be identified as part of the subdivision review process. Historic sites dating to the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries (circa 1865–1958) are one of the most common categories of resources identified in archeological surveys in the county, with over 300 examples in the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) site files as of October 2007. However, additional investigations   ... Read More
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Title: Prince George's County at a Glance - Pamphlet   (July 2008)
Emerging Trends, The Many Faces Of Prince George's County - A Demographic Information Brochure on Prince George's County  
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Title: Rural Villages Study   (September 2012)
The intent of this rural villages study is to better understand the impact of existing regulations for site development and road improvements on rural character as well as the future of alternative development strategies, the insertion of small-scale commercial or service needs in these communities, and conservation of the rural landscape. Changes to existing zoning, and other regulations that shape development, are not included in this study. This study provides additional impetus and recommendations for preservation and conservation strategies. It is   ... Read More
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Title: Technical Report: A Study of Occupational Shifts and Workforce Characteristics for Prince George's County   (December 2011)
This report serves as the Technical Report to the Study of Occupational Shifts and Workforce Characteristics in Prince George’s County prepared for the Prince George’s County Planning Department of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC). This Technical Report provides a more detailed analysis of the quantitative and qualitative findings that are the underpinnings of the results of the study. The objective of the study is to provide policy/decision makers with a better understanding of   ... Read More
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