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Title The Approved Greater Cheverly Sector Plan 
Author The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Prince George's County Planning Department 
Subject Approved Greater Cheverly Sector Plan (Portions of Planning Area 69 and 72) 
Publication Date January 2018  
Source of Copies The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 
Category Master Plan, Sector Plan and Transit District Development Plan 
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Number of Pages 172
Abstract The Greater Cheverly Sector Plan amends the 2014 Prince George¬ís County 2035 Approved General Plan (Plan 2035) by defining the boundary of the Cheverly Metro Local Transit Center. The sector plan replaces the 2005 Approved Sector Plan for the Tuxedo Road/Arbor Street/Cheverly Metro Area in its entirety and the 1994 Approved Bladensburg, New Carrolton, and Vicinity Master Plan, the 2009 Approved Port Towns Sector Plan, the 2010 Approved Subregion 4 Master Plan, and the 2014 Landover Metro Area and MD 202 Corridor Approved Sector Plan for the portions of Planning Areas 69 and 72 within the sector plan boundaries. In addition, this sector plan amends the 2009 Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation and Formula 2040: Functional Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Open Space (2015). The sector plan was developed with assistance from civic associations, municipalities, business and property owners, government officials and agencies, and an extensive planning effort engaged property owners, citizens, residents, civic associations, and other stakeholders in public participation activities, which resulted in valuable contributions to the sector plan. The sector plan represents an effort to chart a direction for future planning policy in the sector plan area. This document includes goals, policies and strategies for planning elements in order to improve conditions in the sector plan area in the coming years. 
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