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Title Prince George's County, Primary Healthcare Strategic Plan 
Author The Prince George's County Government, with support from M-NCPPC 
Publication Date August 2015  
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Category Brochure, Report, and Special Study 
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Abstract Since taking office, County Executive Baker has committed the County to addressing healthcare disparities and improving the healthcare delivery system and services for County residents. The Primary Healthcare Strategic Plan reflects the ongoing commitment of Prince George's County to improving the healthcare system and the health of its residents. The plan focuses both on expanding access to patient-centered primary care that is part of an integrated care system and on building a culture of health within the County that will achieve the "triple aim"---improving health outcomes, reducing per capita costs, and improving patient experiences. The Primary Healthcare Strategic Plan fully embraces the concepts of population health and once implemented, in collaboration with all partners and stakeholders, will reach its goals of expanding access and improving resident's health while contributing to the County's economic development. 
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