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Title Greenbelt Metro Area Approved Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment 
Author The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Prince George's County Planning Department 
Publication Date October 2001  
Source of Copies The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 
Category Master Plan, Sector Plan and Transit District Development Plan 
Cover page
Number of Pages 296
Abstract This document contains text and maps of the Approved Greenbelt Metro Area Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment. The plan amends the 1989 Approved Langley Park-College Park-Greenbelt Master Plan and the 1990 Approved Subregion Master Plan. The plan is also an amendment to the General Plan for the Maryland-Washington Regional District within Prince George=s County, Maryland, approved by the County Council in 1982. Developed by the Commission with the assistance of the sector planning group, the plan discusses existing plans and growth policies and analyzes land use, circulation, environment, cultural heritage, recreation and open space, public facilities, economics and market, and zoning characteristics. The plan sets forth goals, concepts, recommendations and design standards and/or guidelines for the entire Sector Plan Area and each subarea. The Sectional Map Amendment section contains zoning changes including an overlay zone to implement the plan=s land use recommendations and design standards. 
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02 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.pdf       1.51 Mb
03 Introduction and Background.pdf       6.16 Mb
04 Framework.pdf       2.15 Mb
05 LandUse.pdf       6.73 Mb
06 Transportation.pdf       5.15 Mb
07 Environment.pdf       4.21 Mb
08 Cultural.pdf       884 Kb
09 Recreation.pdf       2.41 Mb
10 Public Facilities.pdf       178 Kb
11 Economics and Market.pdf       151 Kb
12 Core Area.pdf       3.52 Mb
13 Springhill Lake.pdf       4.14 Mb
14 North College Park.pdf       3.73 Mb
15 Greenbelt Road Corridor and Beltway Plaza.pdf       1.99 Mb
16 Capital Office Park and Federal Courthouse.pdf       4.08 Mb
17 USDA BARC and Other Federal Properties.pdf       898 Kb
18 Public Facilities Cost Analysis and Estimates.pdf       33 Kb
19 Sectional Map Amendment.pdf       11.56 Mb
20 Development District Standards.pdf       22.67 Mb
22 AppendixA.pdf       1.51 Mb
23 AppendixB.pdf       37 Kb
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26 AppendixE.pdf       28 Kb
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