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Title Approved Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment 
Author The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Prince George's County Planning Department 
Publication Date November 2009  
Source of Copies The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 
Category Master Plan, Sector Plan and Transit District Development Plan 
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Number of Pages 318
Abstract The Approved Marlboro Pike Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (SMA) comprises text, maps,illustrations, and pictures. The plan will amend portions of the Approved Master Plan and Adopted Sectional Map Amendment for Suitland-District Heights and Vicinity, Planning Areas 75A and 75B (1985-master plan; 1986-sectional map amendment). The plan will also implement the 2002 Prince George's County Approved General Plan. Developed with broad public participation, this document presents background information, the vision for the area, and a discussion of the seven elements that frame the vision-Community Development and Land Use, Transportation, Natural Environment, Public Facilities, Economic Development, Implementation and Design Guidelines. The plan recommends the designation of seven priority land development areas to encourage the revitalization and enhancement of the existing major commercial nodes along the corridor. The plan contains policies and strategies for land use, economic development, urban design, transportation systems (including roadways, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and trail facilities), public facilities, and revitalization. The overall objective of these policies and strategies is to create a livable, pedestrian friendly and vibrant community for residents in the sector plan area by creating mixed-use development and commercial centers with a positive sense of place that will attract new residents, quality retail, and jobs-while preserving and strengthening the existing residential neighborhoods. The SMA recommends zoning changes to allow implementation of the plan vision and the land use concepts in the sector plan. 
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03 Chapter II - Vision.pdf       166 Kb
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05 Chapter IV - Transportation.pdf       1.80 Mb
06 Chapter V - Natural Environment.pdf       1.58 Mb
07 Chapter VI - Public Facilities.pdf       1.05 Mb
08 Chapter VII - Economic Development Strategies.pdf       135 Kb
09 Chapter VIII - Implementation.pdf       92 Kb
10 Chapter IX - Design Guidelines.pdf       2.15 Mb
11 Chapter X - Sectional Map Amendent.pdf       5.06 Mb
12 Chapter XI - Appendices.pdf       463 Kb
13 2009 Approved Marlboro Pike Sectional Map Amendment_Errata on Pages 128 and 129.pdf       2.25 Mb
14 L-Planning Board Resolution PGCPB No 09-84.pdf       585 Kb
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