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Zoning Certification Application

The cost for a written zoning certification is $50.00 per address, tax ID, parcel, or lot. For the purposes of calculating this fee, the Planning Department reserves the right to deem a single address, parcel, or lot multiple addresses, parcels, or lots. You will be notified of the total amount due, which can be paid with a credit card or check (payable to M-NCPPC). The application will not be considered accepted until full payment is received by the Planning Department. If you select payment by credit card, a member of the Planning Department staff will contact you for your credit card information.
Note: We do accept checks payable to M-NCPPC which can be mailed to our address, please note All mail deliveries, which includes FedEx/UPS/etc., go to the County Mailing Facility for processing, then forward to the appropriate Agencies which can take approximately 3+ days lag-time.

  (Information may be obtained from the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxation.)  Find your Property Tax ID online
Add more Tax ID (Up to Four)

  Please submit an application for each address with the corresponding tax account number.
  (If you prefer to pay by check, please fill out this PDF form and mail it to us.)