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Job Code Class Title Salary Grade
4321 Planning Information and Permit Review Supervisor I
4320 Planning Information Review Supervisor H
4310 Planning Technician D
5240 Play Equipment Safety Specialist F
5160 Plumber T03
2389 Principal Administrative Assistant CO6
2396 Principal Administrative Specialist I
5425 Principal Greenhouse/Nursery Technician G
2632 Principal Human Resources Specialist I
4444 Principal Natural Resources Specialist I
4312 Principal Planning Technician G
2816 Principal Public Affairs and Marketing Specialist I
2325 Printing Specialist T04
2230 Programmer Analyst I GIT
2231 Programmer Analyst II HIT
2232 Programmer Analyst III IIT
2817 Public Affairs and Marketing Manager J
2814 Public Affairs and Marketing Specialist G
2820 Public Information Specialist G
2355 Publications Specialist G
2120 Purchasing Manager J
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