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Job Code Class Title Salary Grade
4220 CAD/GIS Technician I D
4221 CAD/GIS Technician II E
4222 CAD/GIS Technician III F
0936 Call Center/Help Desk Support - Tier 1 N08
0937 Call Center/Help Desk Support - Tier 2 N12
0938 Call Center/Help Desk Support - Tier 3 N13
5110 Carpenter T03
32500 Chief Information Officer 40
2153 Chief Internal Auditor L
3423 Child Care Aide I C01
3424 Child Care Aide II C02
3425 Child Care Aide III C04
13425 Child Care Aide III C04-H
3428 Child Care Coordinator I
3426 Child Care Specialist I G
3427 Child Care Specialist II H
3422 Child Care/Special Projects Division Manager J
1139 CIP/Budget Administrator 30
3145 Construction Manager 32
3140 Construction Representative 18
3143 Construction Representative Supervisor 28
2423 Counsel, Assistant General I
2424 Counsel, Associate General J
2425 Counsel, Senior K
3350 County-wide Arts Program Coordinator I
4430 County-wide Interpretation and Conservation Division Chief K
3335 County-wide Sports Coordinator I
3330 County-wide Sports Specialist I F
3331 County-wide Sports Specialist II G
3332 County-wide Sports Specialist III H
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